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Manuscripts are considered with the understanding that they have not been published previously in print or electronic format and are not under consideration by another printed or electronic publication. A manuscript following a presentation at a scientific meeting will be considered if indicated (including date and place of meeting). Articles submitted will be reviewed by the editorial board. Manuscripts may be rejected or authors may be asked to revise their manuscript for re-evaluation. Letters to the editor, editorials, translations of important international documents and abstracts, may be published without being evaluated by the scientific advisory board. Research articles, short reports, case reports, articles and reviews are peer-reviewed by the scientific advisory board after initial evaluation by the editors.

Following the initial review, manuscripts which have been accepted for consideration are reviewed by at least two reviewers. Manuscripts are sent anonymously to the two independent reviewers, one of which is a family medicine specialist, to be peer reviewed without cover sheets (blind peer review process). Revisions are sent to the author after evaluation. If one of the reviewers rejects the manuscript, it can be sent to a third reviewer. Manuscripts are published if two reviewers accept the document.

Publishing a manuscript in the journal does not necessarily indicate agreement with the conclusions of the original writer and the interpretations of the author do not necessarily reflect the views of the society and publisher. Once published, the manuscript and illustrations are the property of the journal and excerpts cannot be published elsewhere without citing the journal as the source (see. Copyright).

An article(s) exceeding a total of 20 printed pages can be accepted for publication as a supplement (supplementum). In this case all expenses are covered by the author(s).

No publication cost is charged for the manuscripts but reprints are at authors’ cost.

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