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Open Access Policy

Open Access Policy

Turkish Journal of Family Practice supports the open access initiative declared in Budapest Open Access Initiative which states that the peer-reviewed journal literature should be open access, and offers all the published articles free of charge in an environment where everyone can read and download. The term “open access” in this declaration means that” by means of internet, scientific literature can be accessed, read, recorded, copied, printed, scanned, linked to full text, indexed, transferred as data to the software, and used for all legal purposes without the financial, legal and technical barriers

Considering the role of information sharing in the advancement of science, open access is of great importance for researchers and readers. For this reason, the articles published in this journal may be used as long as the author and the original source are cited. No permission is required from authors or publishers. The articles in Turkish Journal of Family Practice are accessible through search engines, websites, blogs and other digital platforms.

These open access policies accepted on September 12, 2012, and also adopted by our editorial board are also accessible at

As publisher of the Turkish Journal of Family Practice, Turkish Family Physicians Association does not demand any subscription fee, publication fee or similar payment for the access into electronic resources.

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